Positive o test 8dpiui Positive o deals on pandora charms test 8dpiui I had my first iui on aug 19th friday sept 2nd is my evaluating day.I Pandora Rings had a progesterone blood test seized on 8/26(7 dpiui)And they said it was perfectly normal and naturally i wanted to play detective and see if i can indicate pregnancy from that number. I have a friend who's sister is employed by a fertility doc and she said you can't tell by that, so i'm thinking you probably can't tell by an ovulation kit particularly if you did a medicated cycle.All the best, when will you do a pregnant test, might you test out your trigger, I feel really bloated and the cramps feel different but i don't know if it's from the clomid/trigger/ all togetheror isit see results about jewelry really authentic?I also have raised appetite and i wake up alot at night to pee.Never happened to me before but the first time ever i did a medicated cycle so anything is possible.Good luck to united states!

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